Friday, December 9, 2016

Blog post #2

No way out
By: Peggy Kern
Main Character: Harold. He is in middle school , he lives with his grandma, and gets bullied because of his weight.
Character trait: Caring , " Got any plans after school....... Nah . "I gotta go home " Harold replied.........He was anxious to check on his grandma."

I am currently reading the book No Way Out by Peggy Kern. The main charter in this book is Harold. Harold is a bit in middle school. He lives with his grandmother. He grandma is currently injured because she slipped on ice. Now Harold is taking care of his grandma. Harold is really caring and he shows a lot empathy. In the story ( pg: 39) Harolds friends ask him to come to the wrestling match to watch but instead Harold says no because he wants to go home and check and make sure his grandma is okay and doesn't need help with anything.

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